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    We clean all types of trucks in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Ipswich

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  • Caravans and Motor Homes

    We can clean your vehicles at your depot or at your place of residence.

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If you need a truck wash on the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Ipswich, let us come to you

Anything branded with your company logo represents your business to the rest of the world. Having your customers pull up alongside your dirty company truck at the traffic lights does not project a sharp first impression. A simple truck wash can add priceless value to your company image.

Our truck wash service is on hand to help you provide the most professional and gleaming first impression as you or your team drive around the Gold Coast, Ipswich and Brisbane and beyond.

With no truck washing base on the Gold Coast and limited options in Brisbane and Ipswich what are your options?

The Truck Washing Experts come to you. We reduce downtime and save you time and money by coming to your depot or office.  We can come to you any time, including after hours or weekends, so that your business can continue to function at 100%.

Our mobile truck washing experts travel throughout the Gold Coast, Ipswich and Brisbane to clean up your company image. We specialise in all kinds of truck washing, as well as truck detailing, fleet sanitisation, and heavy machinery washing in Brisbane, Ipswich and across the Gold Coast.  We can clean garbage trucks, semi-trailers, prime movers, tankers, removalist trucks, B-doubles, fleet vehicles, courier trucks, privately owned trucks, caravans, motor homes, heavy machinery and much more.

Fleet sanitisation on the Gold Coast, Ipswich and Brisbane

When carrying food, you need to adhere to strict sanitation laws. We can provide fleet sanitisation for your trucks, so that they not only look clean, but are clean enough to eat off.

We go above and beyond with truck detailing to help you project a sharp company image

Consider adding in our truck detailing service.  When you get your trucks washed and your truck drivers are neatly presented, it only makes sense to get your trucks detailed as well. Present your company in a clean and professional manner and improve your brand image.

Heavy machinery washing – let us lighten the load

It can be a remarkable sight to watch a professional at work using heavy machinery. But a dirty, unkempt piece of expensive machinery is not as impressive, and it is likely to be less efficient as well. Showcase your heavy machinery by getting the Truck Washing Experts to come to you to wash your heavy machinery.

The Truck Washing Experts are helping to keep the Gold Coast, Ipswich and Brisbane clean

With great attention to detail, environmentally friendly products and a strong focus on customer service, we strive to give your company a quick, easy and affordable solution for your truck washing, truck detailing, fleet sanitisation and heavy machinery washing needs.

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