Everything you need to know about auto detailing

Everything you need to know about auto detailing

To stay fit and running, your car will need a bit more than just a regular car wash. And this is where auto detailing makes its grand entrance. Auto detailing includes polishing and waxing the exterior, and as the name suggests, pays more attention to detail. It also includes vacuuming and steam cleaning the interior and polishing every surface that can be polished. If client opts for it, engine can also be steamed, degreased, and coated with a nice finishing polish to put the shine back on.

Exterior detailing

The usual process of Exterior Detailing involves vacuuming, restoring, and cleaning of the exterior constituents of a vehicle, such as tires, windows and wheels, among other visible components. Products include but are not limited to: polishes, wax, detergents and degreasers.

Washing and Drying: The car is first sprayed with specialised high-powered spray, and then all exterior parts (e.g. rims of the car, door jambs, glass) are thoroughly hand washed.

Claying: There can be small impurities like, traces of overspray and other residue that cannot be removed with normal detergents. Hence a clay bar is used to remove those.

Polishing and Sealing:  Through polishing the original polish of the vehicle is restored and then a sealant is applied to give the car a glossy shine, in some cases, wax can be used too.

Along with these exterior services, trim repainting, engine detailing, headlight polishing, engine pressure cleaning, bumper repair, glass chip repair and paint touch up can also be done.

Interior detailing

Interior detailing is about cleaning the inner parts of a vehicle such as, leather, plastics, vinyl, carbon fibre plastics and natural fibres. To clean the interior cabinet, different techniques such as steam-cleaning and vacuuming are used.

Vacuuming: The first step to cleaning the interior of a car includes vacuuming seats, headliners, rear cargo area, trunk and shelf. As for the difficult areas that cannot be reached using a vacuum, an air compressor can be used.

Brushing and Steam Cleaning: This is used to clean carpets and mats. Thorough scrubbing is done on the mats in order to remove any stains and blemishes that may have accumulated. To be more effective, steam-cleaning could also be used.

Glass Cleaning: This ensures that the glass remains sparkling and ensures the driver’s view is not obstructed.

Leather Trimming: All the leather parts in a car is cleaned and dried in this step. Leather cleaner, saddle soap and leather soap are used to clean all the leather parts.

Re-Vacuuming and Wiping: Re-Vacuuming removes any dirt left in the interior cabin. Dashboards and windows are wiped with a clean cloth using a cleaning detergent.

Perfuming: Finally, to leave the car with a good scent, a deodorant is used in the car.

Regular auto detailing adds value to your car and also makes it look attractive despite the number of years it has been used. At Truck Washing Experts, we provide quality service for auto cleaning and detailing. So, if you want to have the ultimate fleet detailing experience, contact us today.

Auto detailing: Hire a professional or DIY?

Auto detailing: Hire a professional or DIY?

So your car is looking like it can use some care and love but you are confused over whether to go for an expert or just  do it yourself. Considering the requirements, time limitation, costs and quality of the end result, this can be quite a tough call. To help you make your mind, we have studied and listed here some pros and cons for each side.

Professional Detailing


  • Saves time: We know how rushed our life can get and how hard it can be taking some time out of your busy schedule. Most of the car owners therefore prefer going for this option because they simply cannot afford those hours. Hiring an expert company for car detailing means you do not have to set aside 4 to 5 hours from your busy schedule to get the job done yourself. If you do not have proper tools and skill, this might take even longer.
  • Efficiency and Finesse: Who doesn’t want a pro-like finish, the expert touch that makes people go ‘wow’? No matter how many tips you read or how many products you use, there are certain cleaning secrets that only professionals will know, and not an amateur. Trusted automobile detailers use special cleaning techniques and specially formulated detailing products which will leave your car cleaner and shinier.
  • No risk of damage: If you don’t have the experience and are not careful enough, there are many pitfalls that may damage your car. Professionals, on the other hand, know the risks and they know exactly how to take intricate care of your vehicle. Besides, if you do not have the right equipments, or protective products, you may better engage experts.


  • More expensive: Professional car detailing service will cost you more, so you might need to go for a different route if you are on a tight budget.



  • Money saver: If you have all the required equipments and products, and the skills of course, DIY job is certainly going to save you bucks.


  • Time consuming: If you are cutting on cost, you have to make it up with time, there’s no other way around. So, be prepared to spend quite a few hours in elbow grease to get the outcome that you want.
  • You will never get the professional finish.
  • Risk of damage: It may seem easy but most of the time it is more complicated than it looks. There is always the risk of doing it wrong, costing you more in the long run than it would if you just hired professional from the start.

Regardless whether or not you hire a professional, it’s always a good idea to have a chat with a detailer so you know the basics. Our team at Truck Washing Experts are always there to assist you. So if you have any queries, call us and let us know without any hesitation.

How often should you clean your boat?

How often should you clean your boat?

As glamorous as it may seem to have your own boat and get out on the water every once in a while leaving daily stress behind, this is also true that boats aren’t all fun and games: taking care of your boat requires more than just a good wash.

But how often will you need to work on your boat to keep it clean, fresh, and well maintained? Read on if you want to know.

Waxing Your Boat

By waxing our boat we are not only just keeping it clean, but also protecting the graphics, sealing out scum and mildew, and keeping the hull fresh. But how often should you do that? It will depend on a few variables. For example, if you use your boats rarely and just for recreational purpose, waxing it once in a year should be enough. If you keep your boat in the water year-round, though, you may want to think about waxing your boat every three or four months, amounting to about three times per year.

You should also count sun exposure as another variable. To protect your boat from UV rays, having it freshly waxed is necessary.

Washing Your Boat

Most people recommend washing your boat as often as you can, especially if the boat is held in water. You might be reluctant to do so, but you’ll surely see the difference if you do. While your boat is in the water helping you take your mind off regular din and bustle, salt and scum is coming in contact with the hull. And let me tell you, it has the potential to cause harm to it. So if you are keeping your boat in the water, make sure you have it lifted out every so often so that you can wash it down with environmental-friendly washing material and fresh, clean water. This will help reduce the damage caused salt water elements.

Clean as You Go

How frequently you clean and maintain each part of your boat will depend on its usage. The more you boat, the more maintenance it needs, simple. If you are a frequent user, get ready to go through quite a bit of cleaning material, while others can get away with cleaning only so often. When it comes to materials like carpet and upholstery, try to “clean as you go”.

Boat maintenance may now seem to be a lot of work, but if you maintain a schedule and take care of it properly, it will surely prove its worth to you. For any other queries, call Truck Washing Experts, and our team will be happy to assist you.

Care tips to keep your boat looking great

Care tips to keep your boat looking great

Since a boat is exposed to wind, water and sun, it experiences a great deal of wear and tear. This article shares some smart tips and products to help preserve the function and aesthetic appeal of sailing vessels.

Regular maintenance: Saltwater can easily cause the metal bits of your boat start corroding. That is why washing your boat once a fortnight is a good idea. For regular cleanings, don’t use harsh chemicals or commercial boat washes – opt for some basic washing material and fresh, clean water instead.

Waxing: Regular maintenance will keep your boat up and running for a longer time, but to restore it back to its almost new state, there is better alternative than to wax it once in a while. Harsh sun can do a number on your boat, so if your area has such weather, waxing every 3-6 months is necessary to keep it protected from UV rays.

Check for rust: Regularly check every steel fitting for rust. And if you find some, don’t put off dealing with it – attack it immediately and hand polish it until it’s gone.

Airing out: Mould is a serious threat for your boat in humid environment. If you are in one, ventilation covers will help; regular airing out (at least once a week) will help even more.

Keep cover and clears clean: Rinse and air your boat cover frequently to avoid mildewing or damage from the salt water; undamaged covers keep your boat in better nick and smell a lot better!

Rinse and cover the helm: Components of your boat’s helm will deteriorate when exposed to UV rays or salt. After using your boat, rinse off the helm with fresh water, use a clean chamois to dry it off, then cover it.

Teak decking: Teak decks are beautiful, but they do need special care that might not be obvious if you’re used to dealing with other wood types. Keep them clean so that dirt and mould doesn’t build up. Don’t use a pressure cleaner or hard-bristled scrubbing brush on teak – ever. A pressure cleaner can actually blast some of the softer wood fibres out of the timber, leaving an uneven surface that will look bad and eventually need to be fixed.

You can talk to us about your boat and other vehicle issues. Call us on 1300 927 428. Or if you want some assistance with your fleet washing and detailing, our mobile service will come to you on the Gold Coast, Ipswich or Brisbane at a time convenient to you.

Do you know the difference between car washing and detailing?

Do you know the difference between car washing and detailing?

Car washing and car detailing; while both of these services are about maintaining your car’s pristine condition, they also have many differences.

So what are the differences between availing of car wash services and auto detailing services?

Car wash vs. Car detailing

The basic car wash is the use of water and a chemical detergent to loosen and remove dirt and grime from the surface of a vehicle. You can have an automatic car wash or opt for a mobile car wash service. On the other hand, getting your car detailed means a top-to-bottom thorough cleaning of your vehicle using specialized tools and products. Car detailing involves cleaning and reconditioning the interior and exterior of the car. The aim of this is to restore the paintwork by eliminating scratches or swirl marks to make the car look almost brand new.

Time to complete: You can get your car automatically washed and vacuumed at a car wash in about 15 minutes. Professional hand wash may take more time though. In comparison, car detailing may take several hours or even a day. A car detailer will do a much more thorough job than a car washer.

Cost: Car detailing costs more because your car is inspected, cleaned, and restored painstakingly. Every nook and cranny is cleaned carefully. High-tech equipment and appropriate cleaning materials of the highest quality are used by trained professionals.

Efficiency and care: Car detailing requires more experience and skill. With a car wash, the cleaning products and equipment that the staffs use are rarely taken into account. It’s different with a car detailer. Professional car detailers use only the best tools and equipment to work on your car.

In summary, when you have your car professionally detailed, a professional car detailer will likely spend more time beautifying your car, by focusing on each and every single inch of your vehicle, often times spending 4 to 6 hours instead of an automated car wash of a few minutes, whereas a car wash focuses mainly on washing and cleaning it.

Truck Washing Expert is a washing and detailing service that comes to you with highly skilled and trained employees, using the proper products that will take care of your vehicle the correct way. Not the fast way! Call us on if you have any queries.

Tips to cleaning heavy equipment

Tips to cleaning heavy equipment

Whether you are washing your heavy equipment yourself, or are looking for a pressure washing contractor, you might be wondering what exactly the best method to get it all clean is.

Heavy machinery washing is imperative for optimal performance, but in reality it needs to be done carefully and properly. So, here are some tips to help complete the job properly and efficiently.

Regular cleaning goes a long way

One of the simplest solutions for taking care of your heavy equipment also happens to be one of the most important: keep your equipment squeaky clean.

Set a schedule for pressure washing your equipment to remove hardened mud and grease build-up; create a separate schedule for additional cleaning procedures like replacing filters and cleaning your engine.

Get the grease first

Grease, over time will begin to harden, so it’s necessary to scrape it off areas around knuckles and on booms. Dried parts cannot be washed with only high pressure. You need to degrease it first with a suitable cleaner. Usually it takes more time than the actual washing process.

Hot or cold: Which way to go?

Hot water pressure washing has advantages over cold water cleaning. Hot water can break down dirt, grease and oil by itself. Adding good high pressure soap can then be more efficient, allowing you to use less, and reducing the amount of runoff, water used, and the soap on the ground, which is always better for the local environment.

Powering off dirt and grease with cold water takes much longer to achieve a satisfactory result and again, uses much more degreaser and soap.

Keep your tracks clean

Keep your tracks as clean as you can between equipment cleaning. Otherwise heavily compacted mud and vegetation in and around the tracks of a machine will make the cleaning job harder.

Purchasing heavy machineries is a big investment. So, if you are someone who wants to extend their equipment’s working lifespan to its maximum limit, contact the Truck Washing Experts. Our high-pressure cleaning system and nonhazardous chemicals, combined with our expertise, means that your heavy machinery will not only be left clean but in perfect working order.

How to keep your vehicle clean for a longer period

How to keep your vehicle clean for a longer period

No matter what you do, your car always ends up a mess. Luckily, with a little effort, there are ways for even the laziest of drivers to stay nice and neat. So to help, we’ve rounded up a few of our favourite approaches for maintaining an orderly automobile. So read ahead for the principles that promise a perennially clean vehicle.

  1. Follow no food or drink in the vehicle rule: Avoid dining in your car as much as possible to bypass the stains, spills, crumbs and grease spots that inevitably follow.
  2. Try occasional waxing: It’s an investment that pays off. Waxing your car occasionally keeps the shine on, also makes washing it the next time easier.
  3. Don’t leave the mess for later: If you want to prevent permanent stains and dirt build-up in your car’s interior, clean up spills as swiftly as possible after making them.
  4. Garage it: While not everyone has a garage available, if you can find some enclosed space for your car, it will stay much cleaner.
  5. Keep a trash bag handy: Get either a small trash can or just a trash bag and keep it in your car. It keeps your junk from falling into the tiny cracks around the seats, or from rolling under the seats, and generally getting where you’re too lazy to clean.
  6. Maintain a regular cleaning schedule: There’s no quick fix to keeping your car washed regularly. You have to either set up a schedule for taking your car to a carwash, or you need to start a routine for washing your own car.
  7. Vacuum Regularly: Sometimes simply shaking off your floor mats doesn’t cut it. For this reason, a monthly vacuum session is usually necessary to ensure your auto’s interior stays crumb and dirt-free. Just don’t forget to go deep between the seats!
  8. Wipe down surfaces: Baby wipes can be used for more than bare bottoms. Instead of buying auto wipes which are expensive and loaded with chemicals, baby wipes can accomplish the same thing. Wipe down all hard surfaces to remove dust and dirt. Keep a pack in your glove compartment too, for impromptu clean ups!

If you need more suggestions or need assistance for your vehicle washing or detailing, call us and our friendly staff will listen to your requirements and have the job done quickly and efficiently.

Why choose Truck Washing Experts to handle your vehicle?

Why choose Truck Washing Experts to handle your vehicle?

Any organisation is defined by what their value and priorities.  However skilled the service givers be, if their organisation values are not aligned with your expectation, the relationship is simply not going to work. And this is where Truck Washing Experts sets themselves apart.

Listed below are a few of many reasons to choose Truck Washing Experts over other companies:

  • Experience: We’ve been in the industry for over 4 years and we have utilised this time by constantly developing our skills and improving our techniques. So, by hiring us you can rest assured that your fleet is in good hands.
  • We come to you: We reduce downtime and save you time and money by coming to your depot or office.  We can come to you any time, including after hours or weekends, so that your business can continue to function at 100%.
  • We are fully insured: We are fully insured, holding all relevant Public Liability, motor vehicle and WorkCover insurances to protect our clients and our staff.
  • Eco-friendly products: We care for the environment, so we designed our business to be environmentally friendly. We are level 6 water commission certified and use only bio-degradable detergent.
  • No mess created: Our truck washing service will divert all water away from the storm drains (a requirement by law) and even water your plants if needed.
  • We are self-sufficient: When dealing with us, you need not to worry about anything other than focusing on your business. We supply our own cleaning products, specialist cleaning equipment, power and hot water. Just show us our project and we will take it over from there.
  • Size doesn’t matter: We have the skills and the expertise to handle a job of any size. We can wash anything from garbage trucks, semi-trailers, prime movers, tankers, removalist trucks, B-doubles, fleets vehicles, courier trucks, privately-owned trucks, caravans, motor homes to heavy machinery and more!
  • Your one stop shop: Though the name says ‘Truck Washing’, our service includes truck detailing, fleet sanitisation and heavy machinery washing. The Truck Washing Experts are a one-stop shop for all your mobile truck cleaning needs.
  • Customer service: We prioritise your needs and focus on customer service; we strive to give your company a quick, easy and affordable solution for your truck washing, truck detailing, fleet sanitisation and heavy machinery washing needs.

Professional truck washing and truck detailing can be a rewarding experience as a customer if you choose the right truck washing and truck detailing company. Call Truck Washing Experts today and we will ensure you have the ultimate result with your fleet washing or detailing needs.

5 questions to ask before having your vehicle detailed

5 questions to ask before having your vehicle detailed

If you are handing over your vehicle to a professional auto detailer, there are a few things you need to know about the process to make sure you have a thorough understanding of what to expect when all is said and done. To help simplify the process, consider asking the following questions.

  1. Are you insured? Accidents can happen any time for any reason. And because your vehicle is a huge investment, it’s important to know that it remains protected even outside of your possession. A professional should have information available to you if you have questions on what their insurance does or does not cover.
  2. What if I am not satisfied with the result? It’s simple. You are hiring a professional for their skills and the result need to show it. You should feel amazed and awed that that indeed is your car. A good detailing company should be confident enough with their service and provide warranty for their work. That gives you, the customer, a feeling of ownership and satisfaction in the overall service provided.
  3. What does the service include? Vehicle detailing includes a big range of services, so to remove any confusion, ask and learn exactly what services you are going to get for the amount you paid.  Also, many detailers offer different detailing options and you should be aware of the difference and why you should consider one service over the other. Knowing your options can help you make the right decision for your car so you can be excited about the final result.
  4. Do you use an automatic wash or hand wash? Automatic car washes are fast, convenient and easy to use, while a professional hand wash take more time but gives a more detailed clean that can remove grime from those hard-to-reach places.
  5. How much experience do you have? Auto detailing is an intricate work. Harsh cleaning solutions, protective coatings and high-pressure machinery are all used in a quality detail to make your car shine and look brand new. However, if a technician is not trained properly, the detail could have the opposite effect and actually damage your car.

Ultimately, whatever detailer you choose should be open and upfront about their services, experience and car care. Truck Washing Experts provide quality services for truck washing and fleet detailing. You are welcome to visit our website and study our previous works. Also if you have any queries, don’t hesitate to reach out to the friendly team of Truck Washing Expert.

Benefits of hiring fleet washing services

Benefits of hiring fleet washing services

A clean truck says a lot about you and your business. So it’s crucial that you take the right decision when it comes to fleet cleaning. In case you want to give your truck a good wash but can’t decide whether to hire a mobile truck washing company or just DIY, here are a few pointers to help you with your decision:

  1. Knowledge and efficiency: Professional fleet washing company has the right knowledge about how to do the job and the skill to make the process go smooth and proper. Also, they maintain the expensive equipment in top condition. The right detergents and gentle cleaning techniques remove grime, build-up and stubborn stains without causing any damage.
  2. Maintenance: Regular washing makes the maintenance of trucks easier. DIY cleaning or irregular use of professional services will enable dirt to accumulate. As the grime piles on top of the vehicle surfaces, getting rid of it becomes a much more challenging task. Low quality service providers will opt for caustic cleaners, which will potentially cause serious damage.
  3. Timesaver: A fleet washing company will do the job efficiently and with speed. It takes the work and down time out of maintaining the cleanliness of your vehicles. Expert cleaners will do a thorough and safe job faster than an amateur would.
  4. Meticulous result: A truck that is cleaned by professional hands will have a finesse that no amount of amateur effort could bring. Professionally cleaned trucks look impeccable. They become a great possibility for mobile marketing, enabling you to increase the popularity of the brand and deliver the message to a captive audience on the road.
  5. Compliant with environmental laws: Washing a fleet produces a lot of waste that can harm the environment. Consequently, your city may have regulations about the handling and disposal of wastewater. A professional will know about it and their eco-friendly cleaning solutions and waste management methods will help keep your company compliant with environmental laws.
  6. Easy on water bills: Most mobile truck wash services will use only the minimum amount of water necessary to get the job done right. While the chances of water wastage is greater if you decide to clean your truck by yourself.

As a fleet owner, your time and resources are valuable. And getting your trucks washed and detailed on a regular basis has never been easier with Truck Washing expert services. Our team is equipped to handle every type and size of truck at any location on a schedule that fits your business. We can come to you any time, including after hours or weekends, so that your business can continue to function at 100%.