Ask the experts if you have any truck cleaning questions

Take a look below at the frequently asked questions regarding our truck washing, truck detailing, fleet sanitisation or heavy machinery services available throughout the Gold Coast, Ipswich and Brisbane.

Alternatively, feel free to call the Truck Washing Experts team on 0404 007 816 and we will be happy to assist you.

What do you need from us when you arrive on-site?

All we ask is that there is a minimum distance of 1 pallet width between trucks for cleaning.

Do you need water?

No, we are able to carry and use our own water if required.

Do you need a power source?

No, all of our machines are powered by diesel or petrol.

Can you move trucks around on site?

Yes we can, but we prefer not to for liability reasons.

Do you provide accounts?

Yes, this can be arranged.  We generally ask for 7 day terms; other arrangements can be discussed.

Do you have EFTPOS/credit card facilities?

Yes, we accept all forms of payment except Diners Club.