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The Truck Washing Experts come to you in Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Ipswich

The Truck Washing Experts come to your place of work or residence anywhere on the Gold Coast, Brisbane or Ipswich for all your truck washing, truck sanitisation, machinery washing, motorhome washing and detailing needs.

Our process has been refined and perfected to give you the best possible results. We are a mobile truck/motorhome/heavy machinery washing and detailing business that brings the water, products and labour to you.

Our five-step truck washing process always produces outstanding results.

    1. Firstly, we apply our special brushless detergent. This premium product breaks down grime and dirt from the surface without causing any damage to your vehicle.
    2. We then use a soft broom to manually clean high and stubborn areas.
    3. Combined with the brooming, hot high pressure water is used to blast your truck/motorhome/caravan/machinery to get those stubborn marks off.
    4. Next, the vehicle is rinsed clean.
    5. We then add the finishing touches, including a chamois to all the windows and complementary application of Tyre Shine. *

Our truck washing service will divert all water away from the storm drains (a requirement by law) and even water your plants if needed.

Once you have a clean truck or fleet you might want to consider our truck detailing service, which includes a cut and polish.  This will not only give outstanding results, but will prolong the effects of your truck wash.

*This does not apply to trailers

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